Adam & Angela : Parents to be

"I guess you could call us backwards"

The look he gave her was priceless, you could tell they were in love and content. My cousin Adam and his beautiful girlfriend Angela announced they were expecting at  a family gathering back in July. I remember getting texts from Angela asking why I wasn't there and feeling so bummed for missing a fun opportunity with family. The evening they revealed their surprise I received a phone call from Adam, asking if I had a moment. Very thrilled for the endless amounts of photo opportunities I cried happy tears. However I failed to realize he said BABIE[S] and not BABY. TWINS!!!! 

We received news around 12 weeks the one of the twins had passed. While everyone took the news their own way, it did not put a damper on the new parents to be. They cherished the moments they had with baby B but trudged through leaning on each other for support as well as family.  They found out they were having a girl and stuck with the A names! Aria Jean would be arriving in just a few months and these parents to be could not be anymore excited.