Wo Wohnst Du?

My beautiful friend Tori, was in from Austria for a 10 day stay here in the states. We met back in 2011 during my first semester of college, she was studying abroad her senior year in Woodstock, Illinois. We took a trip to chicago for the Christkindlemarket and enjoyed crepes, cigars and german chit chat. I was overly amused watching her try to adapt to the U.S lifestyle and introduced her to Culvers, she now requests a butterburger and cheese curds when she comes to visit. Since then she has come to visit 2 more times, we have planned to do a portrait styled shoot for her only to be on opposite schedules UNTIL her last visit. We finally got her in and let me tell you this girl ROCKED IT. She is a natural in front of the camera! Looking forward to seeing her foreign face again!

Lindsay TullarComment