A day in the life of » Wiley

As tough as it sometimes feels, change and loss are woven into life. We cannot live a full life without them.

Although both can be painful, they push us into a greater understanding of what matters in life, and what it means to really live, and they can help us become clearer about who we are since they provide a platform for substantial growth.

Over the past couple of years I've experienced many changes as I've transitioned from one chapter to the next. The one constant through all of that change has been my right hand man, my best friend: my dog Wiley.

He has sat through every break up, achievement, tantrum, dance party I can remember. But most of all he has been there when I failed to see the light at the end of my tunnel. My mental health depleted and after my gruesome suicide attempt he was the first to sit by my side and comfort me while I woke my parents up. He has stuck through my breakdowns, relapses, recovery, and venting sessions. My saving grace came to me in a furry little package and I am grateful to have my earth angel greet me with endless amounts of kisses and tail wags! This was a spontaneous day in the life shoot. Watching him rest and be playful brings me happiness!

So Thank you Wiley, My golden, wiggle butt, super hero. 


Lindsay TullarComment