Boudoir » Shannon

Last minute session call for quirky individuals!

Shannon stepped up to the plate and endured her first boudoir session. A gift to herself and her man she wanted to give this new world a try. Boudoir sessions can be extremely intimidating, it's about putting yourself in a vulnerable spot to allow someone to photograph you in such a way. We made her as comfortable as possible offering her drinks that would suit her personality, which of course was a juice box! As we got her ready I wanted her to get acquainted with being in her undergarments so I had her choose her favorite underwear and a top to wear as we did hair and makeup. She threw on an Oscar the Grouch T Shirt and plopped on down. We kept her look simple but smokey, enhancing her already incredible features. Our goal was to capture the essence of her! We started off in a tight corset outfit where her fierce poses built up her confidence! After about 15 minutes of laughing and growling we switched to something more comfortable and laid back. A plain white T shirt and black underwear. Clean natural and overall simple made the rest of our evening relaxed and rewarding! Shannon knocked her shoot out of the water!

Lindsay TullarComment