Duane & Jenn

"I just didn't realize how important these photos were without him blindfolded until yesterday and to have captured us at our one year married mark...we've been through so much it really means a lot to have these" - Jenn

The first time I spoke with this girl I was searching for models for a Stylized Bridal Shoot. I took my marketing to my local Wedding Page through Facebook. I received MANY offers however none really stood out for what I was looking for until I met Jenn. She approached me quietly, think of being the new kid at school and having to awkwardly walk into a new class and introducing yourself. THIS WAS JENN! What I didn't expect was to see a shy girl blossom into this rambunctious and lively human being with so much love to give. I asked about her story, whether she was married and what her hobbies were. She went into a long detailed email explaining her husband Duane, her excitement of being his wife and her ungodly love for fostering dogs. I immediately fell in LOVE with her. She seemed like the type of person to even out my boisterous personality but BOY WAS I WRONG. The first initial meet up with the our team was of course intimidating but after seeing everyone's talents and having a good laugh over some yummy food [THANK YOU PANERA]  I realized that there was nothing to be nervous about. Jenn and Duane were the sweetest duo, when it came time to introduce themselves to the rest of the group I asked a simple question of how they met and that's when I could see the love between them both. They stared at each other as they both gawked over how they met each other at a local bar and instantly had a connection. These lovebirds were MEANT to be with each other. The more we hung out, messaged each other, emailed back and forth ideas the more I could see how excited these two were. Jenn and Duane married at a beautiful Flowershop in Sycamore Illinois. Although they loved their photographer they were upset that their emotions from stress during the day got the best of them, causing them to hold off on the detail shots of them together as a couple. This shoot was a perfect way to give back to them. I fell in love with both of them along with my team and am beyond grateful for the time and dedication each individual gave.

So Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the following:

Ashley Rufino : Ashley Nichole Photography [my right hand man]
Molly Krause : Simply Perfect Makeup
Kim Lowe : Kiera's Confections
Sarah Misicka : Cake & Champagne Event Co
Arlene Acosta : The Accessory Bowl
Jennifer & Duane Schwabauer : Models


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