Hannah Flores | Styled Bridal Shoot | Rampart Resevoir

I have worked so hard to grow in my skills. To push my boundaries. To test my limits. I owe every ounce of thanks to the two ladies that worked along side me in this shoot. I could not have accomplished the shoot without you.

I would first like to announce that this gallery has been selected to be published in the Rocky Mountain Bride Blog. This is HUGE. This is something I have been working toward for years. Be on the lookout for the blog come December 30th! I am beyond happy to share with all of you.

Bliss and Whimsy. I wanted to create for creations sake and dammit I did. I embraced my surroundings and took advantage of the beautiful scenery. I have to give it up to both Hanna and Brenda for sticking it out in the cool breeze. Brenda is an amazing makeup artist. Talented Creative and knows how to pop those lashes [hehe]. She educated both of us in the products she used and her overall business. Please be sure to like and follow Bell Grace Home Spa! This woman deserves everything!

Hannah Flores of Hannah Flores Photography filled in as my bride. She wore her dress proudly and look gorgeous with her makeup and hair. She is a lovely human being, and I am very very happy to have gotten the chance to work with her. We connected immediately over our passion for photography. Hannah is apart of my Sisterhood group, a place for woman to build each other as independent business owners and empowered woman. We encourage and help with self growth. I learned so much from this amazing person!

Hair | Floral | Photography : Lindsay Arlene Photography | Lindsay Tullar
Model | Dress : Hannah Flores Photography | Hannah Flores
Makeup : Bella Grace Home Spa | Brenda Moran