DIY photobooth set up

Calling all DIY brides! are you looking for creative and fun projects for your wedding day? What about photobooths, fun ways for your guests to capture themselves. Check out this DIY background and prop set up! 

Step 1: Use the template of various shapes, print it out, and cut out each shape. Do this once on white printer paper and once on the dark cardstock.

Step 2: Pin the white paper cutouts to a double layer of felt, and cut around them, using them as a guide. (At the end of this process, you should have TWO of each felt shape.)

Step 3: Clip off the pointy end of the BBQ skewers, then paint each skewer white. While waiting for these to dry, paint the wooden beads white as well.

Step 4: After the skewers dry, cut strips of electrical tape (approx. 1/4 inch wide), and wind the strips around the skewers.

Step 5: Secure one end of the skewers into the wooden beads with a small drop of hot glue.

Step 6: Fill the open hole on the other side of the wooden bead with white spackle. If the whites don’t match well enough, paint over the spackle with your white paint.

Step 6: Hot glue your cardstock shapes to their corresponding felt shape (this is to give the felt a litle stiffness). Lay this piece down, cardstock side up. Hot glue the top end of your skewer to the cardstock, and then hot glue the extra corresponding felt shape on top, to sandwich the skewer in between.

Step 7: Make sure your props are satisfactory by testing them out in the mirror — preferably with a buddy!

 all images used are from Chelsea with RUFFLED BLOG [ show her some love ]

all images used are from Chelsea with RUFFLED BLOG [ show her some love ]

 Crafting your own photo booth is a great way to give your event a personal touch. Plus, it’s a wallet-friendly alternative to renting one if you’re a bride on a budget.

No matter what backdrop you choose, setting up a DIY photo booth is a lot easier than you think. If you don’t have a photographer to man it, you can simply set up a tripod with a Polaroid or digital camera on a timer. If you use a digital camera, we suggest uploading all your photos to a photo sharing website or Facebook album the next day. Or, in this age, you can simply encourage guests to snap photos on their phones and share them via social media in real time. You can even have Selfie Sticks or GorillaPods on hand for your guests to use.

For the tech savvy bride and groom, we especially love Wedding Party’s new photo booth feature for smart phone snaps. It takes 4 photos in a row, which you can then arrange into a photo strip, photo square, or a fun stop motion GIF. It’s a nice way to inject a little classic photo strip charm into your modern photo booth. Plus, the photos can then be shared in Wedding Party’s private photo stream for all your guests to enjoy. So fun, right?