Eddy & Summer

They embrace each other with touch. When I spoke with these two you could feel the connection between them. Summer had this charming laid back, cool girl vibe to her whereas Eddy was all about the lists, details and everything her. When she spoke he kept his focus on her, when she moved he re positioned himself. I believe these small details are extremely important when meeting with my clients. It showcases the type of relationship we will have as a group. Their energy and the atmosphere was calm, they brought peace to our conversations and felt like I had known them for years. But what moved me the most was the deep compassion they had for each other. Their stories of their past, when clients feel comfortable enough to lay out their dirty laundry and get down to the nitty gritty of their lives I feel honored. I feel trusted. When each of them talked about where they came from and how they have grown as individuals you can see every emotion written on each others faces. The way Eddy touched Summer to comfort, to reassure was beautiful. The day of their wedding was relaxed, filled with the comfort of friends and family. Shayla and myself were welcomed with open arms into an amazing surrounding of love and smiles. We connected with parents, kids, siblings, and besties. We had laughing fits and tears during quiet moments. Seeing the happiness in both of their eyes during their first look was surreal. Quiet, sweet, and intimate. You could see nothing but love. Their ceremony was family oriented, characterized and to the point. The beautiful bond of two families coming together is breathtaking and leaves you standing there to witness for a few moments. The night brought big smiles, dancing, and lots of goofy dancing. The floor was in full swing thanks to amusement of Randy Rodriguez Entertainment. Randy made sure the day was in order, on time and fun!! We were happy to work with him!  The day could not have gone any better and I am beyond thankful to have had the help from my amazing second shooter Shayla and makeup artist Jenna!! Congratulations again Eddy and Summer you are now forever friends <3 

Lindsay Tullar3 Comments