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We create beautiful bonds with people in the most peculiar ways. Mine just happens to be embracing the flaws and perfect imperfections of my clients when they step foot into our location. Vulnerability is a terrifying thing but when we meet the right people we find ourselves gravitating towards the comfort of confiding in these specific individuals. I am blessed to be a secret keeper. A healer and artist. I am blessed to allow woman to feel safe and secure and leave feeling confident and beautiful. I love the natural smiles that come with each session, always starting with nerves and ending with happiness. Karla is a one of a kind human being. She is my rock and my supporter while we both embrace our changing bodies on our road to healthier selves. With the support of her boyfriend and the laughter of myself and my amazing co shooter Ashley we embrace the awkwardness and use that to fuel our sessions. 

Lindsay Tullar3 Comments