The Beautiful Grit

I think people fear noise. They fear Grain. We have been pressured into this notion that in order to produce beautiful images we have to have clean, solid, images. I think this is wrong. I think acknowledging that flaws and imperfection are beautiful. I haven't touched these negatives since I got them back and aside from the simple editing to get rid of dust particles from my scanner I find these images beautifully raw. I love the grain. I love the deep offset colors of the greens and rich browns that are enhanced in the location. I love that my beautiful friend was at complete ease, holding casual conversations without us having to pose her. We wanted simple. Between her being her normal self, her curiosity in our beautiful setting, and her excitement to wear a beautiful gown made for such an easy shoot. The candid moments we caught her looking outside while we fixed our lighting, or shifting into a more comfortable position made for some of my favorite shots. Savina you are a doll and I thank you for allowing me to capture you're beautiful soul.