City Park Pavillion | Jessie & Alex

"I just want to see my wife"

When I had some downtime to snap some photos of Alex, I asked him what he is looking forward to. His answer was his wife, not his fiance, not his woman, his wife. He would zone out repeating that word and then grin. There was a look of contentment on that mans face.  

Jessie looked stunning, angelic, happy, and of course nervous. When it was time to line up she grinned. There was excitement. 

When I watched this beautiful couple see each other for the first time, you could see the unconditional love. Alex adored her. Kissed her hands when they touched and just stared at her in awe. When they recited their vows to one another, Alex made sure to let his wife know how much she meant to him. There is something heart warming to see a soldier in dress blues, choked up. 

The images speak for themselves.

Thank you again Alex and Jessie for allowing me to be apart of your day. Many blessings for you in the future! 

- City Park Pavillion | Denver, CO