The Hollows | Kendra

There is something about cousins that make my heart happy. My family is scattered across the United States, seeing each other is extremely difficult but when we connect nothing seems to change. My cousins are my sisters I never had. This beautiful Cali girl is a breath of fresh air. Full of quirk, beautiful energy and an aura that glows. She is a free spirit, full of life and beyond charming. Her personality is weird, her laugh is hearty and her spontaneous lifestyle makes me die. Kendra is a god send and I am beyond blessed to call her family!

With our businesses growing we fail to find time to shoot for creations sake. Between taxes, business upkeep, and paid shoots we loose ourselves to the stress of work. It's important to stop and shoot for ourselves, create for ourselves and to find expression. This was a spontaneous shoot for me. I get moments in my life where im crawling out of my skin to do something unique and dammit i finally did it!


Thank you Kend for being a sport and letting me bust out my creativity <3


- The Hollows | Cary, IL