Veterans Acres | Angela & Aria

How lovely it is to call them family.

I find in my family that the woman bunch together to form a strong unit. we are empowering, strong, and brilliant beings. The woman in my family approach challenges with open minds, strong hearts and class. We thrive on womanhood. we embrace our flaws and strive to become better individuals. Angela is among the many beautiful ladies I get to call family. Her little one Aria is my gorgeous niece.

I have never seen a mother so excited to see her child be a child. To watch her learn and struggle. To watch her mind process her surroundings. Aria is firecracker. motivated to try new things, expand her horizons and get into trouble hehe. but thats normal for every toddler. She is so amusing to watch and this lifestyle session was exactly that. freeing, natural, beautiful and exciting.


Verterans Acres | Crystal Lake, IL