Dawn & Leah

How do I talk about perfection?

The images speak for themselves. Sometimes we are blessed with clients who jazz hand their way into our lives and end up connecting in a deep and utterly chaotic way. I met Dawn and Leah through a wedding group on facebook. When I scheduled the initial meet I had no idea what to expect. I was greeted with the warmest and bubbly hugs from Dawn and a firm handshake from Leah. Along with them was this petite woman who introduced herself by first saying good luck and a quirky young lady who sat patiently listening to the conversation unfold. After about 5 minutes of proper introduction it was clear to me that this couple was FAR from the norm, Dawn looked me in the eye and told me be me. HA! From there a beautiful friendship between loose language, inappropriate jokes , and our undying love for Drum Corps International blossomed. We shared A LOT of laughter, dirty humor and just open minded conversation. I am beyond excited to work with these ladies. Their engagement session was filled with beautiful sunsets, awkward posing and of course butt touching, because when you're in love there is nothing that screams I love You than butt touches. Happy Countdown to you sweet couple, continue to fight for whats right, embrace love, and butt touching. You two are wonderful beings !