Little Miss

" I got this flowy yellow dress and I need to be photographed in it "

When another photographer mentions flowy and dress in the same sentence you know you are in for a treat! I am blessed to be in some of the greatest groups that encourage creativity, being different and overall woman empowerment. Both the Betties and Sisterhood group have allowed me to grow a thick skin and stand up for my beliefs and creative judgement without being ridiculed in the process. We share laughter, come through when things get difficult, and most of all build each other. Leah is one of those beautiful people. She gave me the opportunity to practice, test new skill sets and let me play with her mini me. Miss Mila is a happy baby. Behind those big blue curious eyes lies a constant smile, her chunky butt made for an amusing evening. Thank you again to my sisters and forever friends for embracing every flaw, quirk and idea us artists think on 

Lindsay Tullar3 Comments