Gold Camp Road | Hallie & Scott

You know what is awesome...saying, "my husband"! 😂😂😂 idc if it's all sorts of mushy gushy, I'm still on cloud nine that I married my best friend!! " - Hallie Lemon

Tucking hair behind her ear Scott kissed his new brides forehead. They shared laughter among the beautiful Colorado Rockies. Crisp mountain air with a hint of pine made for a relaxing evening as these newlyweds embraced each other's smiles. Scott enjoyed casual conversations with the locals while I spent a few minutes with Hallie. As a photographer I can understand how nerve racking it may be, to be placed on the opposite side of the camera. 

I met Hallie through our mutual photography group. A group empowered by business woman who have a love for cameras. The sisterhood group is a place of support, teamwork, encouragement, and critique. It is a place to build as individuals and business owners, learning to work through different conflicts, taxes, and gear.  

Finding out this sweet couple were honeymooning in beautiful Colorado Springs made for the perfect opportunity to meet each other and fan over our love of art. We took our shoot to Gold Camp Road where we reached heights of over 9k feet! The beautiful scenery made it that much better.

Thank you so much Hallie and Scott for trusting me to take your beautiful photos. It is truly an honor to photograph another photographer. Many blessings on your new marriage.

Gold Camp Road | Colorado Springs, Co