Broadmoor Proposal | Dylan & Mikayla

Dylan and I had been planning for weeks. This sweet guy had an amazing surprise for his soon to be fiance. A beautiful night at the Broadmoor. 2 years prior he had been trying so incredibly hard to save for a night at the Broadmoor with his girlfriend Mikayla. His night finally came, both dressed in beautiful attire, he took her on a walk around to see the beautiful lighting. Little did she know both of their families were hiding inside a nearby building watching every moment from strategically placed go pros. When they reached their destination, Dylan walked his girl over to a podium where a crystal heart shaped box and bible sat. Mikayla thought this was sweet then realized that it was his bible, it was open up to their favorite passages about relationships. Passages that have helped grow their relationship to where it was now. She immediately started crying knowing exactly what was going on and kissed his hands before he got down on his knee. As soon as the words were asked they embraced and were greeted by loved ones. We shared laughter, hugs, and jokes about how she had been waiting. Lots of love for these two <3

Broadmoor | Colorado Springs, Co