Caronti Wedding | DeKoven Center | Racine, WI

It was a warm autumn day. Sun rays hit every inch of the Wisconsin boarder making every red, orange and yellow leaf radiate with vibrancy. Sarah and I go back to high school. Involved with many choral related activities and shared in many laughing fits. After graduating we rekindled again in College through our music program and thus started this beautiful friendship. I have to say I owe Sarah my gratitude, without her support I would not be where I am today as a business woman. Sarah in fact was the VERY first person I ever photographed as a legalized photographer. As she watched me grow she begged that one day she would hire me do to her wedding. And well you can see what happened after that haha.

Although I never had the opportunity to watch Tommy and Sarah's relationship blossom but it was an honor to watch these two fall in love in front of friends and family. They exchanged beautiful vows in Tommy's family church. Embraced by the love of god and their close friends. They departed for the beautiful DeKoven Center located on the edge of Lake Michigan. This was PERFECTION. The lighting, the detail and the colors made for a joyous capture. After some time alone and much needed kissing [hehe] celebrations started and we partied the night away.

Thank you to everyone involved. Sarah and Tommy I wish you a healthy and long marriage <3

BIG THANK YOU to my amazing second shooter and mentor Ashley Rufino of Ashley Rufino Photography | Dekoven Center Racine, WI

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