Chicago | Illinois Lifestyle Photography


Born and Raised in the plains of the midwest, the escape to the city will forever be freeing.

I grew up surrounded by farming, hard working people and a simple lifestyle. Quiet nightlife, quaint rustic thrift shots and most of all corn! AND A LOT OF IT. My hometown breathes simple. When you are created with ambition and a need to explore my home does not satisfy. Our adventures would take us on train excursions, water taxi rides and walking. We would allowed our feet to wander. Exploring lines and patterns. Contrasts and color. Whether it was the people or the architecture there was ALWAYS something uniquely different in the city. Chicago will forever hold a place in my heart. The stomping grounds of my childhood, my teams and most of all my damn food! I encourage everyone to explore and seek new adventures. Try it out in Chicago!

All images were documented on a Canon AE-1 35mm. Shot with Ilford HP5 135-24 400 film

Enhancements made via lightroom