Carrie + Joe // Lindsay Arlene Photography


Love is an action, but mostly a choice. A choice to hold hands in public.
A choice to say I love you before hanging up the phone when you’re out with friends.
A choice to get a glass of water and place it by the bed each night.
A choice to pick up the shoes and put them in the closet without complaining. Again.
A choice to order pizza when what you really want is Chinese take-out.
A choice to smell the lowermost part of a neck and inhale the sweet, musty smells of a hard day. A choice to say–even in the darkest moments–it’ll be okay.. 

Love is a choice and I choose you.


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We started the day at Mears + Co Styling in Cherry Creek, Andi and Taylor brought Carrie's regal vision to life. Endless smiles and lots of hugs followed!

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Thank you to the following vendors for your amazing support in bringing this wedding together!

Venue : The Artwork Network
Coordinator : Aimee // Prisma Events + Weddings
Second Shooter : MacKenzi Knight // MacKenzi Knight Photography
DJ : Jordan Scott // A Plus Music
Catering : Y'Lo Epicure
Dress : #1 White Runway #2 Bella Bridesmaid
Invitations : Digital Signature London
Scooter : LIME
Flowers : Made by the bride