Adventures with Aria | Illinois Lifestyle Photographer

" Luv yoo " straight from the mouth of Aria

This post is close. I have been my nieces sole photographer since before she was born. It has been an absolute joy seeing her become an individual. Her personality is kind, free spirited and gentle. She has a passion for the earth. She craves learning and is bonded to water. My own little mermaid. Her mama and daddy are even better. My cousin Adam has/is been a brilliant father and caregiver. His charisma and need to provide is overwhelming. Leading a healthy and simple life him and his HOPEFULLY SOON TO BE WIFE [ the family is waiting !! ] a clean and lively lifestyle. Between gardening, earthing, and teaching about the ways of nature they share their kindered spirits with their daughter. 

Sweet niece I hope you grow to love strongly, be uniquely you, and be intensely passionate for what you believe in. Your mom and dad are doing a brilliant job and I am happy to have such a sweet spot in your life little one. 

Thank you Angela and Adam for giving me the opportunities to connect and capture <3