Starline Factory DeMarchi Wedding : Brad + Amanda


There was a whole feeling when we were graced with the sounds of "She Said Yes!". This was different, an aura that settled upon everyone who watched these two grow. They compliment each other in best way possible. Soaked in energy and excitement Brad + Amanda were ecstatic to celebrate among friends and family. 

There is an honor and fear when given the opportunity to document a family members wedding. The need to be perfect rings in the back of our heads, however when you have your perfect client, it makes your job feel so much easier. These two bloomed over the last few years from work buddies to baseball couple fiends. As true Chicagoan's, celebrations over beer and the Cubs only seem natural for a special moment. 

The day of their wedding brought vibrant blue skies and the forever changing April weather, that is Midwest. Chilly winds and warm sunshine set the mood for the day.  

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The Abbey Resort provided a beautiful location to get ready, overlooking Lake Geneva the lighting made for such beautiful images

The Stanchion Pub did not fail in delivery such rich colors. The Groomsmen enjoyed their time before ceremony began. Tucked in the end units of the Starline Gallery this 1920's theme bar created the perfect ambience for the guys

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Two of my favorite woman in one image, Mother of Groom [aunt] and my talented mother! The entire day was set around family and was wonderful to see so many of talented individuals debuting their gifts! 

Sweet moment's between the flower girl and the bride made for the best images. Amanda's niece accepted her role and was pampered! Not only did this lovely princess have her hair done she enjoyed showing off her new bling alongside her aunt!

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"The Starline is a historic event and studio space is open to weddings, artistic happenings, fundraisers, and corporate and private parties.  The interior, crafted with industrial elegance, highlights the structures’ original architectural design boasting exposed brick walls, beautiful wood columns and beams, industrial hardware and machinery, and walls of Starline ivy. The Starline Factory is home to an elite group of artists, artisans, and proprietors, whose studios form the fabric of the artistic style that is felt throughout the entire structure." - Starline 

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The bouquets and boutonnieres were all handmade by Amanda and Mother of the Groom!

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I love when grandparents are included heavily in the wedding day. Brad paid respects to his grandparents as they walked down the aisle.

Lots of attention on the Ring Bearer and Flower Girl as they made their way down! Jackson stole the show during the night with his mad moves at the reception. Brad absolutely adores his new niece and nephew. Brother Chris waits for his son at the front! 

This moment was worth it. So much waiting, many happy tears shed and hearts full of love for the couple!

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Brad arranged a special mother/daughter dance and went beyond to even having her uncle step in with her. 

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Many Thank You's to the following vendors who brought this wedding to life :

HOTEL : The Abbey Resort
VENUE : The Starline
- Bride :  Beautification Transformation // Tai Goodrich
- Mother of the Groom : Suzy Tullar
DRESS : Kathryn's Bridal
TUX : Men's Wearhouse
CAKE : Julie Michelle's Cake